An interview with, er… me?

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A few weeks ago I sat down to speak with expert copywriter, Vikki Ross (of Sky, The Body Shop and fame).

The feedback I received was great and I’m glad so many people found it useful.

You’ll be pleased to know I’ve got a lot more interesting interviews planned…

In fact, next week, I’ll be sharing an interview I just recorded with the legendary Drayton Bird.

But after our interview Vikki decided it would be a novel idea to turn the table and interview yours truly.

So, earlier this week we jumped on Skype and rather than me asking the questions, as is my usual want, Vikki led the way.

She asked me about how I got into copywriting…

What advice I have for writing 50-page sales letters…

And how I almost got run over by Graham Norton.

I think – or at least hope – we covered some interesting ground and there are one or two takeaways that will help you in your own copywriting.

Indeed, if you enjoy the interview, drop me a line to let me know as much. And be sure to share it with your fellow copywriters and marketers.

As I say, I’ll be back quizzing other writers soon and next week it’s Mr. Bird revealing how alcohol has fuelled a lot of his success…

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy an informative listen to my own copywriting ramble:

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