Why you should always write to the people you DON’T know

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You’re writing a promotion for an existing service. A business opportunity newsletter, for example.

It makes sense cheap nba jerseys to aim Elephant that promotion about at people who are interested in business opportunities.

The next logical step is to analyse the characteristics of your current subscribers and use your findings to inform the Tinnitus approach you take in targeting new subscribers.

Yeah, seems sensible.

But hold on.

Because this seemingly logical approach can lead you astray.

You see, there is a subtle difference between the current subscribers to your cheap mlb jerseys service and potential new wholesale mlb jerseys ones.

Current subscribers get it. They’re in on the game and though you might not notice it consciously, there are bound to be a number of words, phrases and assumptions that you make promotion when communicating with them that would leave potential new subscribers wondering home what an earth you’re talking about.

You need to be careful to avoid making assumptions of shared knowledge…

When you use Me jargon – that you wouldn’t think twice about using with your current subscribers – you need to be sure to explain everything accordingly to potential new subscribers.

Always remember, a promotion’s sole Videos aim is to attract new subscribers. So make sure you’re not writing it for existing ones.

You know it,

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