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Review: The Copywriter’s Brain by Derek Franklin

The Copywriter’s Brain is a product by an American chap called Derek Franklin.

You can check out The Copywriter’s Brain here.

It sold primarily through Clickbank and is available for a relatively accessible price of $47.

Unlike most copywriting products available, this is not a guide, template creator, or swipe file. Instead it aims to link ideas together for you through a computerised brainstorming process.

The product is built on the principles of two ‘truths’ that Derek believes about copywriting.


“1.You Need Clarity – To get REALLY good at copywriting, having greater clarity about what you already know is more important than consuming more information.”


“2. There’s Not Much To Get Clear About – When it comes to the topic copywriting, when you weed out the redundancy, fluff, and other ‘extras’ you find in various copywriting courses, there’s not nearly as much to learn as you’ve been led to believe.”

To get around this, the program Derek has created aims to create a learning experience that you can control. Rather than having a bulk of information delivered to you in a linear format, The Copywriter’s Brain delivers everything on a single page which you can delve into in your own time.

The program is set up in an easy to follow way and it’s an interesting way of delivering content.

Another ambitious element is the fact that when you follow one particular path, the content itself is delivered in bullet points. In theory it’s a nice idea and as a quick reference it’s very useful. However, if you’re a more experienced copywriter, you might be looking for more nuanced advice. Still, the format is inventive and can be used as a quick reference tool.

There are a number of bonuses offered with the product that aim to provide you with extensive “how to” information on various other elements of internet publishing. These are valuable, but many of the issues could be found discussed in more detail elsewhere and in separate products provided by appropriate experts.

But as a bonus package, I think Derek has put together a good offer for $47.

There is also a very good money back guarantee offered. As Derek writes in the sales promotion:

“Grab The Copywriter’s Brain now and use it every day, as much as you want, for the next 8 weeks. I’m so sure you’ll love it that I’ll give you my 100% unconditional, 8-week guarantee!”

You can’t really grumble with such a money back guarantee.

The format is the big plus here and it is cleverly inventive. Whether it will be useful for you, I don’t know, but for the price (and with such a long money back guarantee) it’s worth trying.

Conclusion: This is a definite for anyone new to copywriting as it will give you an easy way to understand the basics of copy and everything is presented in a very logical format. As for those with more experience who might be looking for deeper insight, this will act as a good reminder tool but you might know a lot of what is covered already.

You can buy The Copywriter’s Brain here.