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Product Reviews

Being a copywriter means you really are what they call ‘an ideas person’.

As one, you need to continue to feed your brain as much as possible. And of course, one thing you should feed it with is information about how other copywriters work. The fact is, you never know where you might hear a great little tip that could improve your copywriting.

Here are some copywriting products that are worth picking up…

Web Copywriting Course

“Of course, it’s a pulled-together product by someone other than the copywriter, so it’s limited in its insight. But despite that I think there is enough insight here to make it worth the very cheap price point. Copywriting is all about ideas and I think you’ll find a number of them here.”

Full Review


“An excellent software product that is perfect for any copywriter looking to create and host their own sales letters or design their own squeeze pages. The support given is top notch and at such an affordable price, it’s great value. Highly recommended.”

Full Review

The Copywriters Brain

“This is a definite for anyone new to copywriting as it will give you an easy way to understand the basics of copy and everything is presented in a very logical format. As for those with more experience who might be looking for deeper insight, this will act as a good reminder tool.”

Full Review

Master Copywriting with Ted Nicholas

“Though there are many products available from Ted Nicholas himself, Sanjay Pande has put together a good product at a fair price using an entrepreneurial spirit both Ted and Jay would be proud of. Probably one to avoid for more experienced copywriters and those already very familiar with Ted’s teachings, but a good starting point for those who aren’t.”

Full Review

Drayton Bird’s How to Write (and Persuade) Better Video Series

Full Reviewcoming soon

Top Copywriting Secrets with Gilian Fox and Phil Turner

Full Reviewcoming soon

How To Get Your First Copywriting Client In 14 Days Or Less

Full Reviewcoming soon

Web Copywriting Course – Copywriting For The Internet

Full Review coming soon