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I was recently asked to do an interview by a young guy in Germany who’s looking to start his own online Internet marketing business.

Glenn Fisher Copywriter

Me: Catching some sun on the Seine in Paris.

As I’m grateful to the many people who accept my own interview requests, I happily agreed to spare an hour to take a Skype call with the chap.

Indeed, if anyone ever wants to pick my brain for their own site, feel free to get in touch – I’m usually happy to oblige.

You can email me at

Anyhow, this time round, Karim – the chap asking the questions – quizzed me on what direct response copywriting actually is, how to get good at it and why human psychology is so important to any budding salesman.

Despite Karim having some trouble with the microphone his end, I listened to the recording he’s put together for his blog and think it makes for a relatively interesting half an hour.

So, if you’re in the office or on the road, plug your headphones in and have a listen.

Or, if you’re particularly strange, you can turn off the Pink Floyd record you’re rocking to and blast my dour tones out instead.

I hope you found that useful. Indeed, if so, please take a moment to say so in the comments below. It would be much appreciated.


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Glenn Fisher is a professional copywriter, founder of and author of Write Better Copy. He is an expert in long copy sales letters, having written copy that has so far generated more than £10 million in revenue. Born in Grimsby, he now lives in London.

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