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Buy This Now: A Beginner's Guide to Direct Reponse Copywriting

Buy This Now: A Beginner’s Guide to Direct Reponse Copywriting by Glenn Fisher

I’ve just published a new book for Kindle…

And as well as it being available on Amazon for just $1, you can also download it for free with a simple ‘tweet’.

Yup. All you need to do is tell your friends about it and then you’ll be able to download it for free. (You can also share it on LinkedIn or Facebook.)

Inside I’ve brought together ten simple rules that I recommend you follow when it comes to starting out in your copywriting career.

This isn’t abstract stuff. It’s specific advice that you can apply to any copy you’re working on. From understanding the importance of a varied vocabulary to learning how to swallow your creative pride, Buy This Now will give you the perfect stepping stone to a long and successful career.

If you’re a regular reader who enjoys my writing, I’d love you to leave a review on Amazon. In fact, if you email me a copy of your review once it’s posted, I’ll email you back an exclusive bonus.

Send a copy of your posted review to

But as I say, if you want to download it for the price of a tweet instead, go here:


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