Video: How to improve your writing process (part one)

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Watch the first video about my writing process below…

In the first of three videos about my writing process, I hope to share with you an idea that will make your own writing process much easier.

But this isn’t something complicated or ground-breaking.

Instead, I just want to highlight a mistake I’ve noticed a lot of copywriters make when it first comes to dealing with a new project.

It’s a mistake that most clients or employers will actually force you to make…

But it’s a mistake that will cause you to spend much more time writing than you need to.

You’ll see what I mean and hopefully – by taking on board my simple suggestion – you’ll be able to avoid the mistake yourself and kick-off your writing process much more effectively.

See what you think; I hope it gives you some food for thought…


P.S. In the second video in this series I’ll explain what to do when it comes to actually putting your ideas on the page.

Again, I’ve found that many copywriters I train make this a lot harder than it needs to be. And they often end up more stressed than they should be.

Copywriting can be a very relaxing and enjoyable process if it’s done in a certain way – and in the next video I’ll explain how.

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Glenn Fisher is a professional copywriter, founder of and author of Write Better Copy. He is an expert in long copy sales letters, having written copy that has so far generated more than £10 million in revenue. Born in Grimsby, he now lives in London.

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  1. JAMES says:

    Please turn up the volume on your voice. I really can’t hear you 🙂

  2. Dear Glenn, thanks for the video. I think that matches the wrong idea, people are having of copywriters. We are NOT blackboxes to be filled with briefings and after pushing a button spitting out copy. Though the idea is not new to me – I got this advice in my early copywriter years: if u feel the need, got out, go somewhere else to free your mind and create space for ideas.

  3. Shifaa says:

    I usually automatically do that, let the brief sink in, mingle in my mind then start writing.

    Waiting for the next video. 🙂

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