Copywriting Infographic: How to structure a sales letter

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Take a look at this copywriting infographic…

Of course, there are many weird and wonderful ways to structure a direct-response sales letter.

As with most things in copywriting, there are no hard and fast rules.


There is one particular structure that I return to time and time again and it always produces good results.

By following this particular template, I’ve found that it allows you to focus on a number of fundamental direct-response copy elements that are key to the success of a sales letter.

In fact, the ideas here can be applied to copywriting far beyond the sales letter format.

The copywriting infographic was very kindly designed by Rhinett Designs (who you should follow at @rhinett).

I hope you find it useful and can incorporate some of the elements into your copy.

how to structure a successful direct-response sales letter

I’d love other people to see this too, so if you’re able to share it, that would be grand.


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