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Web Copywriting Course is a product sold on Clickbank by a chap called Rob Macleod. You can check it out here…

Web Copywriting Course by Rob Macleod.

Another copywriting product available on Clickbank here that confuses me.


It’s not the copywriter who’s selling it.

Don’t get me wrong, I really respect a entrepreneurship but when it comes to copywriting – a subject obviously very close to me – I can’t help but think there’s something wrong. How come the copywriters aren’t selling their own products?

That issue aside, Rob seems to have done a good job of putting together a product based on the teachings of a copywriter called Bob Serling.

I’ve not come across the name Bob Serling myself (and that may be down to my own ignorance), but his insight seem based on a lot of experience and there is a lot I agree with. Indeed, I think anyone who is new to copywriting will find this useful.

At the same time, I would recommend this to more experienced copywriters too. And I’d do so for two reasons…

Firstly, I think there’s enough here (which I won’t reveal as its not fair to the product seller) to make this a worthwhile investment.

And secondly, I think because it is so cheap (just $47) I think it’s good value.

I mean, not only has Rob put together a 147-page guide that obviously covers a vast range of issues, he’s also packaged together a number of interviews with the likes of Declan Dunn and Joe Vitale, which I think could be the most valuable element of this whole package.

Conclusion: Of course, it’s a pulled-together product by someone other than the copywriter, so it’s limited in its insight. But despite that I think there is enough insight here to make it worth the very cheap price point. Copywriting is all about ideas and I think you’ll find a number of them here.

You can checkout the Web Copywriting Course by Rob Macleod here.

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