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Like any good copywriter, I don’t just write copy…

In fact, in my experience I’ve found that all the most successful copywriters and ad men I’ve met and trained also write some form of ‘non-copy’ too.

Mark Ford (Michael Masterson) and Nick Laight are poets, for example… Dave Fedash writes film scripts… Bill Bonner has published numerous books on the state of the economy. It seems – despite what some might have you beleive – copywriters are deep down: writers. Who’d have funk it?

For my part, I’m a fiction man. Specifically, abstract short stories.

I’ve written many and had a number published over the years in some underground and avant garde magazines both online and off. Recently though, as part of an investigation into self-publishing on Amazon, I’ve released a small collection of stories, which you can now download on the Kindle.

The Windows of Amsterdam and Other Stories available on Amazon Kindle

The Windows of Amsterdam and Other Stories available on Amazon Kindle

The collection is called The Windows of Amsterdam and Other Stories and it’s pretty weird.

I won’t spoil the experience too much, but I will say that the intention is that each story is intended to be read a few times and the paragraphs of each have been written in such a way that you could read them in any order.

You’ll likely find the title story quite moving. You’ll find one particular story quite amusing. And you’ll find a few of them quite surprising.

It’s certainly something a little different to my usual copywriting advice, but I hope you enjoy the writing nevertheless.

You can buy The Windows of Amsterdam and Other Stories here.

Oh, and by the way…

G.F. Oxborough is the pen name I use for my fiction writing in honour of my Grandfather whose surname was Oxborough.



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